BBQ Bacon Burger

BBQ Bacon Burger

A classic grill season go-to with a flavorful twist.

Serves 4.



2 pounds of ground beef (80/20), makes 4 burgers

8 slices of cheddar cheese

8 slices of cooked bacon, cut in half

1/2 cup of BBQ sauce

2 cups of onion straws, found at your local grocery store

4 tablespoons of butter







Step 1

Start by cleaning and oiling your grill. Then heat it to 500 degrees F.


Step 2

If you didn’t purchase your burger patties already formed, form the meat into four equal-sized, half-pound patties. Then, season each patty with salt and pepper.


Step 3

Place your burgers on the grill and cook to your preferred level of doneness.


Step 4

Top each burger with a slice of cheddar cheese and allow to melt on the grill for one minute.


Step 5

Spread butter on both sides of the burger buns. Then, place them on the grill for one minute.


Step 6

Place two strips of bacon on each burger, then top the bacon with another slice of cheddar cheese. Allow this to melt.


Step 7

Remove burgers and buns from the grill and place each patty on a bun.


Step 8

Spread one full tablespoon of BBQ sauce on the inside of each bun.


Step 9

Place perfectly grilled burgers on bottom buns with the cheese and bacon side up. Then, top each with half a cup of onion straws. Place a bun on top of burger and dig in!




While created by our chefs and inspired by the LongHorn menu, these exact recipes are not available to order in-restaurant. Find out what is.